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Introducing a New Horse to a Group

by Jane Jackson

Earlier this summer I purchased a new horse. Before bringing him to our farm, I gave a lot of thought to how I would introduce him to the five equines already living on our farm….

The Internet, Exercise, and Parrots

by Robin Horemans

On the Internet, you may come across all manner of fun, interesting, and sometimes zany things that parrots can do. In the vastness of the Internet, we must bring with us a questioning eye and a grain of salt. Which things are good ideas? Which are bad ideas? What about grey areas? Where is the nugget of goodness? Sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference….

Riggins & Wallace – A Tale of Two Pitties

by Erika Lessa

A behavior case study with video: Implementing a co-operative training strategy to help two pit bulls, Riggins and Wallace, leave their history of aggression behind, and live together in harmony.